IPL And Rave Party In Mumbai, What Else To Say? In India Money Talks Honey

Mumbai the Land of opportunities and great place for Fun only when you have Money, Mumbai runs with lightening speed due to hard work of common Man but the actual money of common Man is spent by these Rich People who have been caught at Rave Party today evening. Around 100 people busted at a Rave Party organized at Hotel in suburban Juhu.

According to the police, 58 men and 38 women have been detained; most of them are foreign nationals. Sources say the detainees include two players of the Indian Premier League (IPL), children of celebrities and people related to Bollywood.

Police have also seized cocaine and MDMA, popularly known as Ecstasy, from the famous Oak Woods Hotel, where the rave party was being held. The raid was conducted at around 9:30 pm and went on for nearly an hour.

Sources said there were also IPL Cricketers who went to such party and many of these players said that went to a Bithday Party and they were not aware about it, as if they are small kids and don’t know what party they are going to celebrate.

First SRK was banned and now these Players from IPL caught in such Rave Party. Do we need change in our existing Law to control such things or do we lack some legal Fun in this country?

There are plenty of articles and ways for Narcotics department to control such incidents, but they never take a step ahead to control these incidents before they occur. There are lot of ways through which Drugs and Cocaine enter Mumbai but no actions been taken ever. Lot of people die in Drugs and Cocaine incident and there is no record maintain about these people because we still cannot control corruption that leads such incident in our country.

People who have good money can bring anything in our country and they can even sell our country who care, because common man has leaves everything on govt employees and assumes that he/she is safe in India. But when someone has good money to rule over all such things, then there is only word which comes out of mouth that is MONEY TALKS HONEY…!