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Easy jQuery Slider for Website Builders.

If you are a web developer and building some websites where you need to install an jQuery Slider at the home page and you are not getting how to build that your website projects then you can download it here. We have found a place where you will get a jQuery Slider to be download for free and it has following operations.

Options available in jQuery Slider:

So, let’s go through all of the options. For your convenience I have written the options from previous version of this plugin, so you can have it all in one place. Here they are with their default values:

prevId: 		'prevBtn',
prevText: 		'Previous',
nextId: 		'nextBtn',
nextText: 		'Next',
controlsShow:		 true,
controlsBefore:	         '',
controlsAfter:		 '',
controlsFade:		 true,
firstId: 		'firstBtn',
firstText: 		'First',
firstShow:		 false,
lastId: 		'lastBtn',
lastText: 		'Last',
lastShow:		 false,
vertical:		 false,
speed: 		         800,
auto:			 false,
pause:			 2000,
continuous:		 false,
numeric: 		 false,
numericId: 		'controls'
Above given options are present in the jQuery Slider and is very easy to customize. You can get this jQuery Slider at CSS GLOBE Portal and is know as

Easy Slider 1.7 - Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider Live Demos:

I have 3 new demos here: Continuous slide Numeric navigation Multiple slides
You can download this jQuery Slider and it is for free