Tips That Makes You Look Great In Photoshoot

There are a lot of great tips and tricks to try to make sure you look stunning in photos. Playing with angles, photography studio lighting, locations, clothing, and makeup are all great ways to diversify your shoot and get the most of your photo sessions. Show your best you by taking advantage of the right makeup. Here are a few tips to help you make your photo session a total success!

1. Don’t overdo your makeup application.

If you overdo your makeup it’s going to look obvious in person, but its going to show up ten fold in photos. Don’t cake on a lot of foundation or blush and keep your eyes nice and light by avoiding spider eyelashes i.e. too much mascara.

2. Conceal blemishes.

Choose a foundation that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Don’t attempt to fake a tan by going a few shades darker or you’ll end up looking like an Oompaloompah.  If you have dark circles or blemishes use a concealer to hide them. You can also ask your photographer to photoshop any blemishes away.

3. Keep your face matte.

A shiny face is going to look terrible on camera. Use a matte foundation and a translucent powder to keep your face shine free. A matte cream concealer will keep your eyes from looking greasy. A shiny face reflects the flash of a camera and can make you look washed out.

4. Highlight your best features.

Blend blush on the apples of your cheeks and dab some gloss on the center of your bottom lip to highlight and draw attention to the supple curves of your face. Keep your look balanced by choosing a point of focus. Do you want your eyes or your lips to be the star of the show?

5. Contour your face.

Adding angles brings your face to life. Highlight the arches of your brow bone and highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Blend a highlighter down the length of your nose and blend to contour the lines of your face.  Add a bronzer to the hairline and right under your cheek bones to add depth.

6. Brush your teeth.

A lot of people forget how important it is to brush your teeth before a photo shoot.  You may want to use an at home whitening kit before your photo shoot to make your pearly whites are extra sparkly and lovely.