How To Calculate ROI In IT?

Making a calculation of investment return is a wise decision. This is especially the case in situations where there is volatility in the economy. One major challenge of calculating returns on investment is measuring nonphysical items such as information technology that come with high costs. However, measuring investment returns is an important part of ensuring that resources are secured. The information below addressees issues of the return of investment on security that are directly related to information technology and further make a presentation of an investment return model.

In the past, the historical return on investment models had its focus on the savings that should be made from the existing operations, which was inclusive of secondary advantages. The estimation on return on investment on efforts made on security should make a consideration of both qualitative and quantitative factors. The quantitative return on investment aims at assigning real money to the potential profit of the investment and also to assess any losses that are preventable. Qualitative return on investments deals with tangible values that are associated wit the loss of information or improvements made on the operating efficiencies.

This implies that monetary expectations on the return on investment on network security should not be expected. However, the plans should aim at the provision of higher comfort levels for the senior managers since others cannot have access to the network. Omissions and mistakes are kept down to a level that is acceptable ad the security should be taken as a positive effort in the organization.

After the measurements of all the elements have been done, rated and values assigned, the procedure can be classified as being totally quantitative. However, emphasis should be put on the fact that, it is not easy to get an accurate qualitative measure of an investment return. This is because the qualitative values must be used on the return on investment calculation. Even though the values look complex on paper, this does not translate to an easy forecast of the return of investment.

Furthermore, the advantages of having IT security should be put in to consideration when the return on the security costs is being determined. Some of these advantages include the following:

It is not a requirement to redesign the network so as to make provision for security hence the market pace on new businesses is recommendable.

The IT consultants like Brisbane IT Services use less amount of time on the development of projects since the security is inbuilt into the security system. 

When it comes to the detection of errors and correction of procedures that are directly connected to the security, there is reduction in the time used in system and project development.

The IT consultants ensure that regression testing is done so as to make sure that the standards on security are as minimal as possible whenever new application developments is going through its completion stages.
The main focus for new projects should be basic IT security. At this point, the network security should not be considered for the fresh applications.

The efforts made on new applications should be considered as adds -on procedures to a network that is already in existence.

The efforts made on E-comm are usually made in order to maximize the up time and also flexibility.
Network security should be able to meet the audit standards.

The accuracy of risk management can be determined according to the risk levels that are realized and any actions that are needed to reduce these risks. This makes a provision for the senior managers to make sober decisions in regards to the next cause of action aimed at the reduction or elimination of the risks against accepting these risks. IT consultants are able to advice on risk management issues since they have knowledge and expertise on the same. They advice senior managements on strategies of how to handle risk.

The CIRT functions should be performed by NOC, which will allow some incidents to be acted on.
Further to this, a consideration should be made on any additional expenses when considering the investment return of the environment. These are inclusive of the following:

1. The first configuration and setup done on every appliances
2. Any loss caused on the network by the IT consultants during the original setup and maintenance.
3. The replacement of disused and defective equipment.
4. Restructuring of some functions within the organization and creation of fresh procedures and employee training.
5. Environmental audit assessments in a bid to make sure that the network meets the minimal security specifications.