Russian Marine Attacking Somali Pirates Ship

Russian ships to fight Somali pirates

Another group of Russian Navy ships are heading to the seas off East Africa to counter the growing threat of piracy.

One Somali news website reported a conversation with an unidentified pirate who claimed the men were indeed dead – but said they had all been shot before they were loaded into the skiff. There is no evidence for this account, and photographs from the Moscow University seem to support Russian reports that marines killed one pirate in a firefight, and took the other ten captive.

Commander Harbour observed that the Russian navy was within its rights to release the men as it did – and it is probable that the boat they were returned to was one of their own. He congratulated the Russians on a “brave” and successful action against piracy.

The Russian announcement that the men were probably dead led immediately to a tit-for-tat threat from the pirates. Somali media reported one pirate as saying: “In future, if we capture Russians they will meet the same fate as those they executed.”