Top 5 Weight Loss Apps for Samsung Galaxy

There are a lot of apps to choose from for Samsung Galaxy in the Android market. Weight loss apps have been on the rise because people are starting to assume healthier lifestyle. Weight loss apps may require a fee, but some are free and provide you with same benefits as other paid apps. To get the most of your money, it is better to look into the best weight loss apps for Android and decide which ones you need.

AllSport GPS

AllSport GPS is a great weight loss app that allows you to lose weight in a healthy way. AllSport GPS has a certain fee, but you can get the free version of AllSport GPS Free. This weight loss app is able to track your workouts such as walks, runs, biking and others. It also provides you with maps and computes how many calories you burned from a specific workout. The app is able to do the tracking using the built-in GPS in Samsung Galaxy. This app also allows you to make workout plans and share your weight loss regimen to your friends in Twitter and Facebook.

Allsport GPS

Calorie counter by Fat Secret

This is another popular app for Androids like Samsung Galaxy. Calorie counter keeps track of your calorie intake without checking the calorie of the foods manually. By using Calorie Counter, you can just type the meal you have and the app will show you the total calories it contains as well as other nutritional facts such as vitamins and minerals. Calorie Counter is a simple app that provides you with everything you need to know about the food you eat.

Calorie Counter

Noom Weight Loss

Noom Weight Loss is an Android app by Weight Watchers. It is used to track your weight loss, workouts and food intake. Noon Weight Loss also allows you to make your own weight loss plans and evaluate the results using its tracking features. Noom Weight loss offers you weight loss and progress bars and graphs, exercise tracker using pedometer or GPS, food tracker, home screen widgets and link to Facebook and Twitter to share your weight loss plans to your friends.

Noon weight Loss

Diet Point

This app is another app by Weight Watchers specially designed for Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy. Diet point is considered the most complete collection of diet plans that is available on the Android market. Diet point brings hopes to your dream in losing weight juts by using various diet plans according to your need or preference. Diet Point provides features such as large collection of diet plans, mobile weight loss forum, grocery lists of the diet plans, meal reminders, BMR, BMI and Daily caloric requirement calculator, diet updating, and many more. Having Diet Point in your Samsung Galaxy phone allows you to have a complete app for your weight loss needs.

Diet Point

Workout Coach

Aside from counting your calories and tracking your exercise programs, another weight loss app that you need in your Samsung Galaxy device is Workout Coach. Workout Coach is a personal workout trainer in your pocket. It allows you to find good exercises that will cater to your workout need. It also provides you with instructions on how to do these exercises like a real workout coach.

Workout Coach

All these apps are available at the Android market at Choose the ones that really suit your lifestyle and weight loss needs.

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