Plastic is a potential danger for zoo animals


Although the zoo is supposed to be kept as a zone free from plastic, many incidents of animals eating plastic are surfacing recently.  In the Zoo of Thiruvananthapuram, two hyenas were found to have doubtful materials inside their digestive compartment and were undergone video endoscopy.

Plastic Free Zone Zoo

Though the city zoo is a plastic-free zone, several cases of animals consuming plastic are coming up. One hyena became dead after consuming plastic two weeks ago. While the Zoo should be maintained as a plastic-free area, no ways are there to verify the entry of plastic in the compound of the zoo. As per the opinion of the Zoo Director, K Udayavarman, there are two ways in which plastic may enter into the zoo compound. One means is through the flying birds carrying the plastic and dropping the same in the zoo area. The second means is through the visitors. Although all the persons does not carry plastic along with them while entering the zoo compound, however, a small percentage of person do so and before leaving the zoo area, they drop those plastics inside the zoon compound. So, as to prevent these sorts of incidents, the use of plastics should be banned compulsorily, otherwise, animal death owing to consumption of plastic would not be contained. Moreover, dropping of plastics here and there, also block the water pipe line in city areas, thereby causing problem in early clearance of deposited water on the roads during rainy seasons. Recently, administrators of some of the cities are taking steps against this nuisance.