The Best Tire Advertisements and Slogans

There are always advertisements that stick in your mind. Years after you see a commercial you still remember the brand the logo or image with it. That’s the vision of truly great advertising and marketing. Here are some of the most memorable and best tire advertisements and slogans and strategies.

  1. The Michelin Man. Almost everyone should know who the Michelin Man is. He is white and has a lot of similarities to a marshmallow. White and fluffy, but he knows how to sell tires. Michelin has used this icon for years and it has become a staple of their brand.
  2. Firestone is a name that has become symbolic of tires. The font they use is their biggest identifier. They often feature tires in their advertisement, as they should and always put their name front and center. Their simple approach has sold them millions of tires throughout the years.
  3. Bridgestone has over the years tried numerous different strategies. They have gone all the way from simple ads featuring tires to more sexy ads featuring tires with attractive ladies. They also sponsor many major events which puts their brand front and center.
  4. Good Year’s logo is one of the most recognized logos of all time. It has stayed the same throughout the years, just changing colors in different ads. The idea is that the tires ride so smooth it will make you feel like you are floating, hence Achilles shoe in the middle.

If you didn’t recognize these logos, slogans and strategies, maybe you haven’t been watching enough television or reading enough magazines. These company’s advertising activities have definitely paid off. Over the years each of these companies have sold millions of tires to drivers all around the world. They are some of the top brand in Las Vegas tires and around the country.

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