Top 10 Tips For Girls To Look More Beautiful

Every girl has a dream to look beautiful and many of us know that some people are born beauty, but still cosmetics can change the life of girls who wants to look more beautiful and who has not got good looks. So today I will reveal some beauty tips and secrets that will help all my beautiful ladies to know how to use different  kind of cosmetics.

When it comes to fighting ageing many women will try anything including turning to cosmetics that contain most bizarre i.e. Loo Animal byproduct.

Squalene or Shark Liver Oil

A common cosmetic Squalene is easily absorbed into the skin and it is said to improve its appearance. The most common  use it appears  to be in facial moisturizer. The input creates a glowing effect while applying over the face though.


Which is also known  as whale vomit. This is a good cosmetic items as such good cosmetic items. Usually it is being used as a food flavoring an aphrodisiac and incense, and today it is a very popular fixative in perfume. One of  worlds  most iconic perfumes.


It is also known  as fish scales, is used by many beauty firms to add luster to products such as nail polish. Brands who used Guanine in their products include Maybelline.

Snail Slime

Escargot snail mucus is a new miracle which is a beauty treatment whose success has inspired a lot  of people across the world especially in South America to come out with an Escargot line of products.

Nightingale Poop

Aka the Geisha Facial, the use of nightingale bird droppings as beauty cream goes back centuries to a time when Japanese entertainers used it as remedy to soothe skin damaged from the high level of  lead  in its make-up.

Cow Dung

It is used as from a very ancient time as a skin care product. Recently according to a Japanese scientist he said that they had found a way to produce a Vanilla scented fragrance out of cow dung heating it in pressure.

Bee Venom

It is also known  as the Cameila. It is  an organic alternative to Botox, cosmeticians claim that the venom stimulates the production collagen.

Snake Venom

It is  a popular cosmetic craze for most of the people. The snake venom actually the serum contains  sin-ake ( A new particle inspired by viper venom) which claims to firm skin, erase wrinkles and imitates the effects of Botox.

Human Placenta

The human Placenta is high in protein and miracles and also contains Amino Acid. Glycerine which is said to give skin a healthier and younger appearance and help to stimulate  tissue  growth and it reduces wrinkles.

Bull Semen

Looking for shiny healthy looking hair, try  to get  hold of some bull semen which is supposed to provide analyzing results.

Beauty plays a vital role in all aspects  in the life. Madonna and Jennifer Lopez pop divas are said to have huge fans. Thus, they also use these kind of cosmetics to beautify themselves.

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