Top 5 Android Diet and Weight Loss Applications

Losing weight is one of the most difficult endeavors one can have because it entails a lot of hard work, especially if you are not one of the gifted people who have fast metabolism. Some people gain weight literally from every food they take in so regular monitoring of calorie intake is very essential. However, doing this may require you a lot of time especially if you check and compute your calorie intake manually. If you want to lose weight, you may need a little help from your wireless gadgets. Since Android gadgets are literally handy devices to help you out in almost any need you have regarding communication, information and others, you can use these devices for your weight loss and diet needs as well.

If you love iPhone apps for diet and weight loss, there are similar ones for your Android. Android apps can also provide you similar features that you can use for your weight loss needs. Here are the top 5 Android Diet and Weight Loss Applications that you can have in your device:

1. Diet Tips 

Diet Tips

Diet Tips is a special app that provides you with simple and relevant diet tips and recommendations to help you get motivated for your weight loss goals. Diet Tips comes with the latest views and news regarding fitness and nutrition. It provides short tips that you can scan through for a collection of diet tips

2. DroidFit

Droid Fit is an app designed especially for Android devices by serious fitness individuals. It includes graphic charts that help you track your weight, body stats and weight lifting stats. It also includes an extensive library of various workout plans and a wide variety of weight training exercises.

3. CardioTrainer


Cardio Trainer is an all-in-one tacking app for your fitness activities. It enables you to track your workout and lets you see high scores regarding your special workout. Cardio Trainer is one of the best apps today that helps you lose weight and be fit. It also includes additional features such as voice prompts regarding your stats in your workouts, music integration and GPS tracking that lets you track your route and exercise routine in the map.

4. Lose It!


Lose It! is a highly rated and popular fitness and weight loss app for Androids. It is always a part of the best weight loss apps articles online. This sets it straight that Lose It! is one of the best apps that you can have if you want to lose weight. Lose It! allows you to keep track of your weight loss goals based on the calories you take in and burn every day. It also includes a wide variety of food database that tells you how much calories they contain. Lose It! is easy to use so you won’t get frustrated on your weight loss goals.

5. MapMyRUN+


MapMyRun+ is a good app for most smart phones and Androids if you want to track you exercises. This is best for people who love outdoor activities such as running, biking, strolling, swimming or hiking. This app allows you to track the speed, distance and route of your outdoor exercise. Google Maps also allows you to check other running areas that you can use.

Android apps for diet and weight loss are really helpful if you want a hassle-free tracking of your diet and weight. Some of these apps also come for free so you might as well check them at Some apps for a fee may be expensive, but they are worth your money once you already see the results of your weight loss goals.

Amarendra writes for Weight Loss Triumph, where he talks about eDiet and Weight Watchers which are best weight loss programs. Learn more about eDiets at here.

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