Top Five Twitter Accounts that a SEO Should Follow

SEO or Internet Marketing is the field where things changes very fast and new terms and topics are introduced everyday to the field. If any person remains updated to all the updates and new trends, half of the work is completed. But the question is how to remain updated in this broad world? There are many social networking platforms that can help you in this venture, and we will suggest you Twitter. Twitter is the palace used by almost every pro and known person in SEO.  Here is a list of Top Five Twitter Accounts that a SEO Should Follow:

A Googler: @google

This is the official account that is run by Google employees and updated regularly about latest updates and terms of world’s largest search engine. The aime of this accounts, in words of Google is “News and updates from Google”.

SEO Book @seobook

The account is official and verified account of famous SEO Blog SEO Book. This account send update about latest SEO Terms, solution and optimization tips. This account is handled by staff of SEO Book, and you will get huge career benefit from it.

SEOmoz @seomoz

SEO Moz provide great tools that we use daily for SEO purpose. This twitter account is managed by founder and staff of SEO and update about amazing SEO tools, how to use them and latest happenings of Internet Marketing World.

Matt Cutts @mattcutts

Matt Cutts is employee of Google and handles web-spam and search department. In Other words, he is the guy responsible for Google updates like panda and penguin. There is a lot you can learn from this guy and he is not shy to answer to his listeners.

Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan

You must have heard of Search Engine Land. Danny is the man behind this organization. He is the founder and current editor of search engine land. He has also written some awesome books on SEO and on twitter, he post frequently about SEO, SMO, PPC and Internet Marketing.

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