Top Five Websites of Decade

Top Five Websites of Decade

Top Five Websites of Decade
21st century has completed first decade and we have seen some real great changes during the period. One of the best innovations that spread during this decade is use of internet. Internet has become very important part of day to day life. There are some websites that has changed the future of internet world. We are sharing top five websites of decade.

Started as a collage website, facbook is the most used website in the world. It started as a collage idea sharing website and become popular worldwide. According to a survey, facebok has about 800 million profile, making it topper of the top five websites of decade.

Google is the famous search engine. Started just 14 years ago as a college project, Google has changed the face of internet. More than a search engine, Google provide services like mail, social networking (Google+) etc. Google is often considered as “God of Internet”.

Twitter is the semi-blogging website which allows sharing the views and tips in 140 words. The website starts as Note-book for employees, so that they can keep notes and share them with fellows, and the idea become popular. Many celebrities also use twitter, like Barak Obama.

Want to know anything? Wikipedia is all for you. Wikipedia is the source of information. This non-profit organisation is largest human-enclopedia, as they say it. Information on all topics can be found on Wikipedia. Whatever you want just log on to wokipedia.

You may not be a celebrity, but still can share your recordings with world and can be famous. Youtube give everyone to get fifteen minutes of fame. Youtube is a product of Google and largest video sharing website on the internet.

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