Top WordPress Plugins that Everyone Should Use

WordPress has been first choice of bloggers since its launch and is known as best CMS of all times. And with the change in time as requirements, WordPress is also changing and becoming more efficient and productive. Almost all requirements seem to be achieved with WordPress, and that too in minutes. Whatever functionality you want to add, there is a widget for it. WordPress Pulgins has made website creation as simple as mouse click. Here we are posting list of Top WordPress Plugins that everyone should use:

All in One SEO: Search Engine optimization has important role to play in every website’s success. A perfectly optimized website has more chances to grow than a simple and plane website. All in One SEO is the Plugin that will allow you to add Meta tags to your website and every blog post. This is one of the best Plugin that every website should have.

Sitemap Generator WP: Sitemaps allow a smooth user flow and best of all; they allow spiders to crawl website more efficiently. Sitemap Generator WP is able to generate xml and html sitemaps automatically and these will update as soon as you update any new post in your website. A must have and very good Plugin.

Contact Form 7: Each Blogger needs to connect with its users and make a communication between them admin and users. Sometime is for commercial use and sometime personal. But whatever is the reason, Contact Form 7 is the only Plugin that you will ever use. Very simple to customize and apply wherever you want.

WP Policies: I read a post some days back that Google want each website to have its own privacy policy. Also Google has announced that it will not approve any website that doesn’t have Privacy Policy for Adsense Accounts. WP Policies is the Plugin that will generate Privacy Policy Page for your website in just a few minutes.

The list of such useful Plugins is unending and everyone needs a different one for their own use. Post your comment in the section below and we will solve any problem you are having with WordPress Plugins.

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