What are the Basics of First Aid

Why should we know basics of First Aid? – Because bad things can happen anytime and anywhere and at that time, you may be miles away from doctor’s help. And if you know the how to do first aid, you are surly going to save someone’s life. Government has made it compulsory to peruse the course of first aid for some job profiles. And government or not, your safety is in your hands and if know such things, you will remain safe. Here are some basics and fundamental things of First Aid.

You are Dealing with Someone’s Life

Always remember that you are dealing with some person’s life and if you don’t do right things at right tie, someone is going to pay a very high price for this. First Aid provides little help like how to save someone’s life till professional doctors arrives and bad judgment can mean life of victim. Think calmly and don’t hurry.

Don’t Hurry and Think

Emergencies will make the things worse and you will want to do anything as quickly as possible. But wait and think that what you are to do and how. And make sure that you are taking finest possible decision, because we have seen cases where victim loses his because of wrong First Aid. You should be able to handle the pressure and perform things without hesitating. If you don’t know the right thing, this doesn’t mean you should do wrong thing.

Remember You are Not Professional Doctor

Always keep in mind that you are just a First Aider and not a professional doctor. Your job is to do basic things and keep the victim safe till doctor and medical help arrives. It is better that you use your training wisely and help the victims, instead of operating someone. Because there can be situations where only First Aider is not enough to handle the situation.

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