What is Acupuncture and How it Originated?

Acupuncture is the ancient medicine methodology that treats the patients by manipulating solid and thin needles into the skin. These needles are inserted into special parts of body, called as acupuncture points. Acupuncture has been believed to originate in Chine and has been practiced there from hundreds of years. This medicinal technique spread in Europe and other parts of word in twentieth century. Acupuncture is very useful in pain relief and nausea.

There have been conflicts between doctors and scientists about effectiveness of acupuncture from ages. There has been not found proof about acupuncture points and theory. There have been theories and studies that indicate that acupuncture can be very useful, if done carefully and successfully. World Health Organization has accepted that acupuncture can treat twenty eight medical conditions, while some evidence shows that it is much more useful and can help patients on a much bigger stage. Acupuncture is useful and anyone doesn’t need Chinese theory or practice Chinese ways to make it work.

According to theories, there are some acupuncture points in human body from where the GI energy passes and basic idea behind acupuncture is to provide direct medicines to these points through needles. These energy points are also called as meridians. These days a new form of acupuncture; know as Medical Acupuncture is becoming famous, as it includes acupuncture by trained doctors, instead of practitioners.  Acupuncture is famously known for pain relief, if done by trained person it can treat much bigger health problems. Physical problems like stress, emotional stress and tension are some of problems that are said to be removed completely by acupuncture. Usually there are no side effects of acupuncture, but it is advisable you go to any trained and licensed practitioner to lower any possible risk.

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