What’s Going on Inside Your Phone

Your smartphone is like a mix between a best friend, a computer and a personal assistant. It’s always with you, it helps you get through the day, and it knows EVREYTHING! But have you ever thought about what’s really going on inside your favorite sidekick and go-to tool?

Whether you’re using your smartphone to browse the web, play a game or call a friend, there’s a lot going on—and it’s not as simple as it looks. From microprocessors to Liquid Crystal Displays, your smartphone is equipped with some pretty slick stuff.  Learn what really happens when you put your phone on vibrate mode and figure out how your phone responds when you touch it, shake it and tilt it. Get tips for making your battery last longer and get the facts about the radio transmissions that make cell phone calls possible.

Check out the infographic below to get to know your phone a little better. Because let’s face it, your phone knows a lot about you.

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