Would More Technologically Advanced TVs Need Antivirus As Well?

If you take time out for yourself and observe what’s happening around, all you will notice are drastic technological developments. Be it in newspapers, journals, weeklies, infomercials or whatever, the main headlines always cover science and technology, specifically gadgets. Tech giants are always in the process of developing a unique technology to outperform their rivals. New gadgets continue to pop up in the markets regardless of their usage. The main intention is to become the “first” in everything.

If you observe furthermore, everything is turning smarter around us. Take for instance phones, which were objects of prestige once, have become a necessity now. Smartphone, Tablets, GPS, PCs and even televisions that roll out these days are becoming smarter.

The rest are Okay! But, what is a smart TV?

Consider your TV dumb, if it can just receive and display only channels and programs. A smarter TV offers features like access to the internet, Web 2.0 and integrates all the technological attributes of computers. Smart TVs are also becoming interactive. They allow you to demand for your favorite shows, play games, use social networking sites and also stream audio and video. More advanced TVs have a wireless facility and some have even replaced the conventional remote with a motion sensor. You just have to perform some hand gestures and the television will automatically do the stuff for you. So, don’t complain about the technology if your spouse interrupts your favorite ball game because now, you can fight back!

Smart TVs can also be considered as a bigger version of the Smartphone. Similar to the Smartphone, Smart TVs run with the help of an Operating System, which allows you to use applications that come either preloaded or can be downloaded later. These applications act as a platform through which you can access the online content. And, the built-in camera will also allow you to do a video chat with your friends and relatives (how did I forget that!).

And, regarding security?

Since, Smart TVs have internet access; they tend to be more vulnerable to virus threats. Moreover, Smart TVs have not yet reached the masses full-fledged. Therefore, one cannot expect it to satisfy all the needs. Almost all technologically advanced gadgets have encountered a virus attack even before their release. These viruses then circulate the whole world like a FIT, spoiling any equipment as they come. Now, as you read, somewhere a Smart TV virus could be getting developed and people know when to release the virus and through which medium. So, we might even stream an infomercial of a brand that offers solutions to television viruses in the future, who knows!

This is a guest post by Jena Branch. She is a writer from Buycox.com and writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. To get more information, <a href=”http://www.cable-companies.com”>click here</a>.

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