Step 2 – Save enough | On Financial Success

People often set money aside for retirement, but underestimate how much they need to save. Fortunately, figuring out how much to save isn’t too difficult. How much will I need at retirement? Experts generally agree that you can safely spend 2-3% annually of your nest egg. Anymore, and you significantly increase the risk of outliving … Read more

Online banks want your money | On Financial Success

  And you should give it to them—because most online banks will pay a premium to watch your savings for you. A silent, deadly killer This premium is important when you consider the debilitating effect inflation has on cash. Inflation is a reduction in the value of the dollar. In the seventies and eighties, inflation … Read more

A different kind of renting | On Financial Success

  Would you rent a house if you had to compensate the landlord for any depreciation during your stay? What if there was also a hefty move-in and moving-out fee? What if the house was situated in a desirable neighborhood, contained the right amenities, and you could swing the monthly payment? Thousands of home buyers … Read more

What is financial success? | On Financial Success

Financial success is possible, likely, even inevitable for people who work hard and make the right decisions (it also helps to live in a free country). So what is financial success? If we asked 100 different people to define success, we’d hear just as many different definitions. Financial success is no different. Our personal definitions … Read more

Can we afford college | On Financial Success

  Q: We have one daughter heading to college next fall with another likely to attend in a couple of years. We don’t have any college funds or savings, so how should we go about paying the bills? A: You should be commended for your desire to help your children start life with a strong … Read more